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Waistcoat in Europe

Last weekend German Quick change artiste ]Lex Schoppi (Sven Schoppenhauer) made an apperance in France and Germany on consecutive evenings.

Both times he used the waistcoat as his finale piece with his beautiful assistant Alina.

Lex writes:


Wir haben im großen Finale aller Künstler am Sonntag in einer Varietegala die Weste gezeigt, es war super. Alina trug ein rotes Abendkleid und ich weiße Hose weißes Hemd weiße Weste ROTE Krawatte. Sie zeigte auf meine rote Krawatte und dann auf die weiße Weste. Ich drehte mich einmal um mich selbst und hatte eine rote Weste. Das war der Moment, wo die ersten im Publikum beim Applaudieren aufstanden. Am Ende hatte die Varietegala eine standing ovation.

And just to quickly translate for you!

We performed the waistcoat in the grand finale of all the variety artistes on Sunday; it was super. Alina was wearing a red evening dress and I white trousers and a white shirt, white waistcoat and RED tie. Alina pointed to the red tie and then to the white waistcoat. I turned around once and the waistcoat was red. That was the moment where the audience first stood up during the applause. At the end the whole variety gala received a standing ovation!

Lex (Sven) has a custom made waistcoat which when white looks completely white, ,nce the back and edges of the waistcoat are white too, as opposed to black.

Lex and Alina can also be seen soon in London at the ]International Magic Convention in November.

Yours magically,
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