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Another Cover Idea

I discovered another surrounded method. Instead of the umbrella, newspaper, large scarf and jacket. Another cover to use is a CAPE.

I always make my entrance wearing a cape and found out that this is a perfect cover for me. The cape I use is the one used to produce giant flowers in a pot. I think it comes from Hungary. But I presume you can use any cape as long as it can cover your entire vest. Another cape I use is Domenico Dantes' "Bag to Cape". Very elegant and a beauty. Silks or even doves can be place in the bag and it turns into a cape. Perhaps, red, white and blue silks can be placed in the bag and it turns into a cape and you do the color changes with your vest.

All you have to do is get a hold of right side with your right hand and cover it in front, turning your right hand towards the left shoulder. You are then completely covered and your left hand can do the switches easily without fear of exposure on all sides. Thus, it can be performed surrounded.

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