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Left or Right Hand?

For the past 3 days, I've been trying to find out what is the fastest way for me to do the switches.

I'm confused as to what hand should do the switch.

In the manual, under "Anatomy of the Waistcoat", it says the right hand should do the turning. But when you read the "Basic Performance" section, it says the left hand should execute it.

I have no problems doing the turning of the p*g*s, my problem is in reaching for the p*g* inserting my fingers in it, then getting hold of the inner m****t, twisting it, then turn. Is this the right way to do this or is there a better way?

So far, I can do the switches at 2 seconds per change. I just want to get it much faster if I can. Meaning a better method in locating and twisting it.

I am even thinking of adding a small thin nylon loop on each color for faster location. That will be a total of 6 loops.

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Re: Left or Right Hand?


For most methods I would say the right hand.
However for some methods such as "Off the shoulder", the left hand initiates the change (ie. the left hand facilitates the change by making the preparation under cover of the jacket), but then again the right hand does the physical change.

Some changes can be done with both hands, such as the pulling of the silk from the pocket.

It is actually down to the individual performer which hand feels more comfortable.

The important thing to remember is keep the arm small with no elbows sticking out.
If the left hand is used to initiate the change, then the elbow should be kept parallel down the left hand side of the body.
Likewise if the right hand makes the change, the right elbow should be kept down the right hand side of the body. (This is also dependent upon your cover and how much "hiding space" you have - the banner for example allows for a lot larger area to work in).

Yours magically,
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