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Further notes on the performance of the waistcoat

Here are some notes that I have sent another user which I wished to share with all owners. They have been slightly edited as this forum is public!


I have to admit that the vest is easier and faster when performed without a jacket (mostly on stage). In the demo you can see the change at the end where the cloth is thrown up. This took a lot of practice to get it to that speed, but it is possible of course. This is best done with the last layer so that there is nothing else to pull away from the body of the vest. This will of course make more sense to owners of the vest.

I am also not sure how familiar you are with other quick change techniques. Maybe you know the psychology behind the Metamorphosis illusion for example. The exchange looks much quicker than it actually is. The same goes for the vest change.

When performing with a banner for example the banner must rise slower, and is pulled down quickly. The changed has been executed and should be revealed as quickly as possible. The same applies to hanging the jacket on the hanger.

Another quick change technique is to make some part of the change happen before the audience realises anything has taken place. Trousers may go as the legs are covered with a hoop at waist height, then it just remains for the jacket to come off for example. The illusion is however that the trousers and jacket have changed at the same time.
Watch David and Dania as Dania walks through the screen for example. She is half in and half out the screen.

These principles can be applied to the vest too.

If you do the change with the jacket on one shoulder, the left hand is able initiate the colour change. The dirty work has been done before the audience realise, and it just remains for you to complete the colour change in a split second.

This also applies to the change in the demo video with the jacket covering the body. The change has been initiated before the audience realises - the beauty of this change is that it can be performed surrounded and the intial colour is still in view right up to the last split second.

Casually by grasping the lapel of the jacket the fingers can be used to initiate a colour change without any suspicion. This principle is also applied in the "zombie cloth" demo in the video. This zombie effect could also be performed with a real zombie ball - there would be even greater misdirection. The effect would be the zombie ball and the colour change would be come incidental. I wanted to put more zombie moves in conjunction with the colour change, however my zombie has been "hijacked" by a production company from a film I was working on earlier in the season and I haven't had the time to claim it back!

Yours magically,
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