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Zombie and Colour Change together

In the demo video there is a move with a silk stretched out across to the left of the body in front. I then turn my back and then turn back to the front the same way - the colour change has taken place.

I originally intended this to be shown with the zombie ball in place on the silk's edge, but alas I had lent my zombie out for a film and the only other ball I have is a practice ball which doesn't look too pretty!

I normally work the zombie right handed, but I would also need the right hand to execute the change.

I figured that if the zombie was in the centre of the silk, by folding the silk in half the gimmick could be changed to the left hand and the silk stretched over to the left, as in the demo. This would then allow you to make the colour change and then swap the gimmick back to the right hand as you turned to the front again.

To reveal the change it would be nice to have the zombie float under the centre of the cloth, thus gathering the silk up, then rise high above the head revealing the full body (and thus the colour change) at the same time.

If anyone feels challenged to experiment, I would like to see a video of this!

Yours magically,
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