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Why no DVD?

I have been asked by one private customer why there is no teach-in DVD instructions with the Colour Change Waistcoat.

I am very reluctant at this stage to produce such an item, although I do realise that a DVD is a great teaching aid for the magician.
There are several arguments against making a DVD however and the biggest one is piracy!

With the likes of YouTube and other such file sharing portals on the Internet, the trend these days is for DVD's to be published to the general public, exposure which of course none of us want - you as the customer who has invested money into your purchase, and I as the inventor who have invested both time and money into the creation and development of the item.

One of the greatest exposures recently has been the Criss Angel levitation which sold at $[sign in to see URL] a piece. I know that I certainly would be less than happy if I were to find that anyone can view this secret for free on the Internet. Many other DVDs are available for viewing either directly on the Internet or via PSP file sharing programs.
I feel that the working of the item is self explanatory, it is just up to the individual user to work up the speed of the change. I also find that the 16 page booklet included with the waistcoat is sufficient to spark the imagination of the user to come up with a suitable presentation that works for the individual.

Yours magically,
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